Tsark – Linked In Recommendations


List of Recommendations:
LinkedIn: Recommendations_2016

Projects Director: Independent Contractor
Marc HolmesHead of Growth Marketing at Docker, Inc
I worked with Tami at Meteor Development Group and Docker where she and the team provided creative services from web to copy. In both cases, Tami provided the project management skills and leadership and I found myself in the unusual position of having an agency deliver on-time and on-budget. As a result, I’d recommend her for your project! (April 18, 2016, Marc was Tami’s client)

Media Producer: WestEd
Wanda Crique, Human Resources Generalist
Tami was always prompt and efficient when it came to on our website technical issues. Her technical abilities allowed her to offer us great customer service and quick response to our problems, she solved many of the challenges we faced! She eased my concerns immediately. (May 27, 2015, Wanda was Tami’s client)

Melissa Cheung , Lead Learning Designer and Executive Producer for Educational Products
Tami has a keen-eye for video production and helped us improve the quality of our media over the years. She’s a great team player and always has a positive attitude. (October 11, 2013, Melissa managed Tami at WestEd)

Dan Wilson, IS Specialist at WestEd
I had the great pleasure to work with Tami for several years, primarily on the Doing What Works project. Tami was not only truly professional in her approach to the work, but also a great person to collaborate with. Any team would be lucky to have her. (September 30, 2013, Dan worked directly with Tami at WestEd)

Neal Davis, Writer, Producer, Director at Group 5 Media
I’ve teamed with Tami Tsark on many projects over the years when she was a producer at WestEd. She is smart, detail-oriented, and highly organized. I depended on her for time-sensitive feedback and she was always prepared with ideas always that were thoughtful and creative. She is a producer’s producer, a relationship-builder, and great to work with. (September 9, 2013, Neal was with another company when working with Tami at WestEd)

Mark Nutini, Interactive Application Developer at WestEd
Tami is an inspiration to work with. She has a great eye for detail and an endless drive to keep on a task until it’s completed to her standard. She’s dedicated to her team and will see to it that any issue is handled with speed and professionalism. I look forward to opportunities to work with her again in the future.(September 6, 2013, Mark worked directly with Tami at WestEd)


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