Sr. Creative Producer, Project Director

Tami Tsark is a seasoned and versatile/flexible  Interactive Creative Media Producer. As a UCLA film school graduate, her project experiences include animated television, web, post production, & large-format media. As a Senior Projects’  person, she launches and leads projects, has fun with her teams, and finds the grace & humor amidst the challenges of production. As a media producer, Ms. Tsark  ensures media content and messaging are presented in their best light. She is the recipient of numerous media awards, for her work as post-production supervisor, producer, and casting director. Currently, she combines her production and corporate  experience  with thoughtful hands-on creative work as an artist.
Key Skills
•Schedules & Manages internal and external employees/vendors (global time zones)
•Highly Organized, identifies efficiencies, and streamlines processes
•Reduces Costs
•Thinks creatively, with empathy, with efficiencies in mind, considerate of others
• Problem Solver: Proactively recognizes needs, anticipates issues, & develops solutions
• Client Development & Partnerships: Identifies New Opportunities:
• Build & maintain effective relationships; ensure client needs are heard, understood and addressed in a timely manner
• Manages Third-party Relationships, manages senior leaders & upper management
• Identifies Process Gaps and Risk Management
• Builds Team, Matches Resources, Recruits top-level creative talent
• Business Development – develops, fosters, maintains repeat clients
• Advises & Consult with Executive Management (print, digital, video)
• Builds processes and infrastructure for design organizations
• Improve processes in ever-changing, fast-paced work environments
• Profitable budget management
• Include Grace & Humor in all interactions
• Believes work can be stressful, relationships don’t have to be!

Tami Sloan Tsark_ProCV2023 jan

LinkedIn Recommendations


Post Production Supervisor
The Simpsons (seasons 3 & 4, episode list)
Rugrats Casting & Associate Producer 1991 – 1994

Web Sites
Initial 5-week website redesign included new UI, 6 brand new pages, animation, responsive design, Launched 10/4/15 – responsible for scoping, budgeting, and schedule. 54% profit margin increase.
Client comment on launch:

“THANK YOU for all your effort. You are – genuinely – the first agency I’ve worked with since arriving in the US (~4yrs) that has delivered exactly what was spec’d and on time. That is amazing.” – Marc Holmes
WhiteHatSecurities – site redesign,2015
Red Owl Analytics (Logo and Branding)
San Francisco Symphony Kids
San Francisco Symphony
Doing What Works (for US Dept. Education)
Web & Educational Videos
Doing What Works Project for Department of Education (for WestEd)
DWW – Skip Fennell video
Mentor Texts video

First Five Of California:
Tips & Tricks online tutorial
Navigation online tutorial
Help online tutorial

Interactive Media Projects
Living Books/Broderbund for Random House Publishers
Stellaluna credits
Stellaluna (song)
The Cat in the Hat
Dr. Seuss’ ABCs
Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham
Sheila Rae the Brave
Sheila Rae the Brave extras

OTHER Web Projects:
Essential Schools

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